Hello! We're St—Coppel. 

Coppel Studio is the work of Pablo Coppel, a multidisciplinary designer, and visual artist, in collaboration with amazing and creative friends.

Our work is structured around strong concepts, highly referenced from contemporary, cultural, and artistic languages.

Allowing us to adapt the visual narrative of each project on different supports and media: Animation, Branding, Visual Experimentation, Posters, Interior design, and some other stuff


We believe in design as a human and collaborative process

with brands, clients, and with all those involved in the conceptualization and execution.

Generating, among all, a space for reflection so that projects provide real value.

Collaborating with great professionals provides other ways of looking, seeing, and interpreting the design. This creates more diverse projects.


HBO, Ikea, Qualcomm, Rolex, BBVA, Corona, City of Madrid, Movistar, Mapfre, ARCO Art Fair, Mahou, La Fabrica, Bankinter, Corion Paris, DU Dubai, San Sebastian Film Festival, AENA, Enaire, Iberia, Fundación Santander, Direct, Pelayo, Ethic, Vino Premier, Ferrovial, Abertis, Mutua Madrileña, Paradores, RENFE, National Geographic, Siemens, Pepsi, Amadeus, UBS and more.

Friends & Collaborators 

Mccann, Leo Burnett, J.Walter Thomson, Publicis, MRM, Interbrand, Magoz, Struniekas, Xoana Herrera, Multiple, Dosdecadatres, Koln, Peter Cobo, Maite Yurrebaso, Southen Island, TenStories, Freelance For, Blanc Festival, Stracto, Maaambo and more.


Our Space-Studio-Set allows us to innovate and experiment to create new imagery, mixing techniques and new processes

Set Design Constructions, Motion Control, Stop Motion, Live Animation, Photography, Real-time Graphics,  Timelapse, etc.

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Selected Awards and Publications

Laus Award, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021
Vimeo Staff Pick.
AIGA Eye on Design
IDN Magazine.
Behance Gallery.
Tapas Magazine. 
Send points. China. 
Computer Arts Review. UK
CSSdesignawards. Site of the day.
Infographic Design, Send point, China 
Graphic Design from Europe, Selected A, B & C
Design from Spain, Select F, G, H & I

Selected Lectures & Conferences

"Make it" Brief Festival.
"Learning by Failing" Blanc Festival. 
"Interviews" Madrid Design Festival.
“Error design” BBVA Innovation Center
"Mutantes en Carabanchel" Cactus Festival.
“Creative days” by Adobe.
“Introduction in Motion Graphics”. Mr.Marcel.
“Kandinsky applied in the design” ESNE.
"Stopmotion Workshops" CJC University.
“Design and Innovation” DIMAD Association.